Infra-Red Communications System Provides Complete Security and Mobility for ATC Personnel

The Infra-Com digital communications system from Link Microtek uses infra-red technology to provide totally secure and mobile short-range voice communications and is therefore ideal for use in air-traffic-control (ATC) applications. Not only does it enable senior personnel to move unhindered around a control tower but it also guards against military or terrorist threats by preventing any possibility of eavesdropping.

Designed and manufactured by Link Microtek’s Azdec subsidiary, Infra-Com is a wireless system that gives operators complete freedom of movement and enables them to speak to each other or to link into the tower’s main communications system via a central base station. The low-level infra-red digital encoding technology poses no health hazard, and the signals are completely immune to electromagnetic interference - even severe energy pulses. As there are no radio-frequency emissions from the system, no-one can listen in to what is being said.

Providing multi-channel, full-duplex communications, Infra-Com is a robustly designed system comprising a compact base station, a number of fixed infra-red antennas, a choice of noise-attenuating or ultra-lightweight headsets, operators’ belt-mounted battery packs/control units, and a central battery-charger unit.


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