Industrial Electric Linear Actuators

These linear actuators are designed for push and pull forces in wide-ranging industrial applications. Small actuators with ratings as low as 500N can have DC or AC motors. Medium to large actuators with forces up to 80000N are generally powered by AC motors. Speeds range from 1 to 635 mm/s with the highest ratings achieved by ‘U’ shaped actuators such as the UBA. High speeds and high precision positioning are often achieved with servo motors.

Standard strokes are from 100 to 1000mm. In push applications the stroke may be limited by buckling limits. Special designs with non-standard strokes, fittings, motors, etc are possible for volume applications. Actuators are available optimised for solar tracking of photovoltaic panels.

These actuators are manufactured by Servomech and Linear-Mech, Servomech is a specialist and leader in industrial linear motion, founded in 1989. They manufacture acme screw and ball screw models. Linear-Mech are a subsidiary of Servomech that specialises in smaller linear actuators with DC motors typically up to 9A current and AC motors typically up to 120W.

Correct sizing of linear actuators involves speeds, forces and considerations of mounting, control, duties and operating environment. We recommend that use is made of our enquiry form.


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