ifm Introduces PDM360 NG Dialog Module for Visual Display of Vehicle Operations

ifm introduces the ecomat Mobile PDM360 Dialog Module that provides a visual display of machine operations and system messages. The 7“ full-color user interface display includes a 32-bit controller and four CAN interfaces to ISO 11898 that support the CANopen and SAEJ1939 protocols.

The scratch-resistant display has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels with an aspect ratio of 15.9. Images and graphics can be displayed with a color depth of 18 bits. Nine backlit function keys offer tactile feedback. The display holds one gigabyte of internal mass storage and 128 megabytes of data memory.

A fully-sealed diecast aluminum housing protects the electronics and offers a NEMA rating of IP67. Integrated M12 connectors provide quick connection for supply, inputs and outputs, and communication. The high brightness display can be easily read in daylight and mounted inside a cab or on the side of a vehicle.

Four CAN interfaces to ISO 11898 are used to exchange data with a connected controller, the decentralized input/output modules or the engine controller. Integrated USB 2.0 interfaces provide easy data exchange.


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