hyperMILL® on Multi-Core Workstations

OPEN MIND Technologies AG is now offering a 64-bit version of its CAM solution hyperMILL® for integration into the Autodesk® Inventor® and SolidWorks® CAD platforms. This enables the latest workstations to be used with 64-bit processor architecture from the design phase right through to CNC manufacturing.

In the past, large detailed components proved a challenge for CAD and CAM systems, with calculations pushing the capacities of the computer hardware to its limits. The introduction of 64-bit architecture allows more than 4 GB of RAM to be targeted directly. The CAM solutions hyperMILL® in Autodesk® Inventor® and hyperMILL® for SolidWorks® take full advantage of this option to use extended memory and more efficient multi-core processors. Models that require numerous job steps and multiple tool paths to be machined can now be calculated at a significantly faster rate. Now, users of these integrated versions of hyperMILL® will no longer have to deal with restrictions imposed by computer hardware and can instead take advantage of improved performance during their daily work.

The continuous workflow from development to manufacturing with Autodesk® Inventor® and hyperMILL® was awarded Autodesk® Inventor® certification. Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. has also certified hyperMILL® and has named hyperMILL® for SolidWorks® a Certified Gold Product.


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