Get the Efficiency Edge with BOGE RA Series Refrigerant Dryers

BOGE America, Inc. has just launched a new range of energy saving refrigerant dryers. Reduced pressure losses and low energy consumption are key benefits which make the new RA series a highly efficient and cost effective solution for drying compressed air. When compressed air is cooled to near freezing point, water and oil vapors create condensate. This is the most efficient method of drying compressed air. However, it can be expensive for the end user as it uses energy and creates pressure losses.
The new RA 10 to RA 5000 series refrigerant dryers from BOGE solves this problem. Thanks to its energy saving components, the RA series is capable of substantially reducing such costs over the entire lifetime of the compressed air system by combining savings potentials with maximum reliability.

The intelligent design of the RA series ensures maximum reliability utilizing time proven and field tested components. This includes a specially-designed aluminum heat exchanger which represents an innovative vertical profile concept that allows the force of gravity to result in high droplet separation and self-cleaning. The BOGE RA series range also has a large cross section of flow channels for low velocities and reduced power input.

A reliable pressure dewpoint makes the RA series refrigerant dryers from BOGE hassle free. Built with a Varioflow hot gas bypass valve - which utilizes a special, gas charged capsule that operates independently of power or electronic support - provides the user with a 100 percent stable dew point, no maintenance, and zero freeze-ups.

Lowest possible pressure losses is another key feature which ensures optimal energy efficiency. The RA series is characterized by its extremely low pressure differential. This is due to the downward path through the aluminium heat exchanger. This means that the discharge pressure from the compressor can be optimized ensuring that all aspects of the user’s processes will run smoother and much more efficiently.

All together the energy saving characteristics of the RA series make it possible to significantly reduce energy consumption, with every 2 psi drop saved across the dryer creating a 1 per cent energy cost saving for the end user. Furthermore, a total cost comparison of this new energy efficient refrigerant dryer against a traditional dryer demonstrates that the reduced pressure losses and low energy consumption of the RA series also creates a rapid pay back period on capital investment.

The RA series range is comprehensive ensuring that there is a treatment system available that will be ideally suited to actual operating conditions. Standard pressure dewpoint 37oF, flow capacity from 10 to 5,000 cfm.


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