Gems Sensors & Controls Introduces a Robust No-Moving-Parts Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch at OEM Pricing

Gems™ Sensors & Controls (Gems), a global leader in liquid level, pressure, and flow sensors, miniature solenoid valves, and fluidic systems announced the launch of the new FS-600 no-moving-parts flow switch for OEM applications.

The FS-600 is a robust flow switch made from durable stainless steel that works with both conductive and non-conductive fluids. Suitable for fluids with large particles and slurries, the solid state sensor is immune to changes in viscosity. With the use of thermal dispersion technology the FS-600 will provide years of dependable worry-free service even in applications without filtration.

The FS-600 is available in various housings to suit a wide variety of pipe sizes for flow rates from .1 to 10 GPM at an affordable price. The straight through switch is designed for a long life and can be mounted in any orientation.

The FS-600 can be customized with any set point based on specific customer applications. “The FS-600 is a robust solution for customers using traditional flow switches with moving parts” says Kevin Castonguay, Product Marketing Manager for Gems Sensors and Controls. “Because there are no moving parts to jam, wear or break, the FS-600 flow sensor eliminates maintenance issues. Finally, a no-moving-parts flow switch is available at OEM pricing”.


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