Gates Corporation Adds QR Codes to Micro-V AT® Serpentine Belt Packaging

Technology Brings Instant Information Access to the Point of Sale.

Gates Corporation announced today that its line of Micro-V AT® serpentine belts now includes quick response (QR) codes on the product packaging. The QR codes allow Gates customers to instantly access product information, specifications, installation instructions, selling tips, and troubleshooting information by using an application on their smartphones.

The code will also assist auto parts stores and dealer service centers in providing valuable point-of-sale information, ensuring increased customer satisfaction and reducing the potential for customer comebacks.

Recognizing the value to the customer, Gates is in the process of converting packaging for all automotive products to include QR codes. Dave Miller, Vice President of Marketing for Gates Automotive Aftermarket stated, “QR codes are a logical next step for Gates to leverage the technological advances and popularity of smartphone devices in a way that helps our customers make informed purchase decisions. We believe enabling customers to access real-time data and helpful resources from almost anywhere on the globe is a real value added proposition that separates Gates from our competition.”

Import or domestic, Gates is the world’s largest supplier of OE belts and accessory belt drive system (ABDS) components. The manufacturer offers the broadest coverage in the aftermarket with more than 800 Micro-V Advanced Technology AT SKUs available in the U.S.


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