Fully-Cured, Dispensable Thermal Gel for Automotive Electronics

Parker-Hannifin Corporation’s Chomerics division has recently introduced its latest thermal interface material. Fully-cured, dispensable GEL30 effectively cools complex automotive electronics providing for long-term reliability of components. It decreases storage and handling issues associated with traditional thermal interface materials, and provides for automation and increased design and manufacturing flexibility for electronic control unit (ECU) manufacturers.

As automotive ECU’s increase in complexity, associated power generation by components creates a need for optimized thermal management. Traditional solutions like gap-filler pads or dielectric films are effective, however provide complexity due to the need for many part geometries often on only one ECU.
Dispensed thermal greases can be messy and have historically exhibited drying out and pumping out over time, reducing effective thermal performance.

Cured-In-Place (CIP) materials can also be effective, however typically require special storage requirements, have limited shelf-life, and require curing in the final application.

GEL30 eliminates the complexities of custom die-cut geometries associated with pads and films. It exhibits superior long-term reliability compared to grease as it is fully-cured, and is designed not to pump and dry out. It eliminates shelf-life and aging issues associated with dispensed liquids as it is supplied as a full-cured, dispensable gel.

GEL30 couples a high thermal conductivity of 3.5 W/m-K with excellent flow rate, reducing manufacturing tact times. It is offered in a range of container sizes allowing for ease-of-use in low volume applications as well as in the highest volume ECU manufacturing lines. Increased design flexibility. Increased component reliability. Reduced rework costs. Excellent storage and handling properties. Easily automated. GEL 30 is an excellent choice for reducing the total cost of ownership for automotive ECU manufacturers.


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