Fully-Compliant RF-Wireless Foot-Operated Switches

STEUTE is pleased to announce the availability of their new, fully-compliant (CE, TÜV, UL) “wireless” foot-operated switches. Each of these custom-designed units features their proprietary spread-spectrum, frequency-hopping technology to achieve safe, interference-immune performance.

Operating in the ISM 2.4 GHz band, this short-range technology (up to 10 meters) provides continuous monitoring of the integrity of the bi-directional transmission path; a unique “handshaking” protocol to insure discrete, device compatibility; and a “floor sensor” to protect against inadvertent operation. Hence multiple or different foot controls can be operated in parallel, and in close proximity, without crosstalk or interference.

The wireless foot controls can provide up to 14 digital and 2 analog control functions. Requiring power of only, 2.9 to 3.4 V at 150mA, the foot controls are powered by rechargeable Lithium batteries that provide more than 20 hours of operation between recharging. Charge level can be monitored to suit individual needs … from a simple digital or analog display to an audible low-charge alarm signal.

Typical applications include cataract surgery systems, x-ray equipment, laser surgery devices, surgical microscopes, positioning tables, high-frequency surgical equipment, bone saws, dental systems, and diagnostic camera systems.


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