FLIR Extends Compact Building Infrared Camera Range with Two Well-Equipped Entry-Level Infrared Cameras

High energy costs and energy efficiency legislation taking force in European Union countries, drives the application of infrared cameras in the building sector. In addition, several upcoming national economic stimulus packages include building restoration and renovation programs of public and private residential as well as utility buildings. Using an infrared camera when carrying out energy declarations, building assessments and for HVAC issues, minimizes time and costs.

FLIR compact building cameras are aimed at entry level users as well as at more frequent users for a wide range of applications in building construction and building maintenance. Priced from 4.595 €, the complete range will become a landmark on the very promising infrared camera market for building applications. The new models are also available and marketed in an i-version for electrical and industrial applications.

Highlights of the now three-version-strong FLIR b-Series infrared cameras are an integrated digital camera, double LED lights enabling to work in darker areas and scalable Picture-in-Picture image display. The FLIR Picture-in-Picture function allows to overlay and to scale an infrared image on the visual image in real-time at the push of a button. The functionality enables an easier identification and interpretation of inspected objects.

At only 600 g, a stand-alone feature on the market, the b-Series is a truly portable instrument that is also suitable for use in tough on-site and field conditions. The FLIR compact building cameras measure temperatures from -20°C to 120°C. They are dust- and water splash-proof, shock-resistant and equipped with a field replaceable battery enabling up to five hours of uninterrupted use. Strong ergonomics, intuitive command buttons and a clear user menu available in 21 languages provide outstanding user comfort.

All FLIR building camera models carry the dew point and insulation alarms which significantly help to determine building energy efficiency standards as provided by local legislations. The building compact camera range is now available in three versions: the FLIR b40 with a 120x120 IR resolution, the existing FLIR b50 with a 140x140 pixel IR resolution, and the new top of the range FLIR b60 features a 180x180 pixel IR resolution. FLIR IR cameras are compatible with the FLIR Reporter 8.3 software, a wizard-based reporting suite with advanced image processing and temperature calculation functions. Images made by all FLIR thermography cameras come in a standard .JPEG format, making proprietary vision software redundant.


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