EMI Shielding Meshes that Outperform

Precision Micro has developed a manufacturing technology that it claims can enhance the performance of EMI windows and shields by producing grids/meshes with a combination of improved attenuation and levels of optical clarity and visible light transmission more commonly associated with vapour deposited conductive coatings.

Known as LEEF (Laser Evolved Electroforming), the process uses Laser Direct Imaging in combination with precision electroforming to produce high accuracy grids and screens in a single additive process, without the need for tooling.

The process can produce low stress grids with high aspect ratios… generating thinner bars, down to 16 µm, in thicker material giving increased electrical conductivity along with greater visible light transmission.

“LEEF is a high precision manufacturing process that doesn’t depend on costly glass masters or in fact any tooling,” said Anthony Marrett, Managing Director of Precision Micro. “We now have a high precision, repeatable process that can make single or multiple piece parts in a very efficient manner that is reducing our customers’ costs.”

Traditional woven meshes are prone to optical distortion and have distinct aspect ratio limitations whereas a LEEF produced grid is dimensionally consistent and free of optical distortion. LEEF grids/meshes can have profile aspect ratio well in excess of 1:1, which can optimize visible light transmission while providing up to 80dB of attenuation.

Available in both nickel and copper, LEEF grids/meshes tend to have a shiny and a matt side but optional blackening is available to reduce reflections.


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