EA-KC2 Membrane Keypad Access Controller

The Membrane Keypad Access Controller simplifies access management with keyless entry in a self-contained unit. Designed to accommodate industrial equipment needs, the Membrane Keypad is easily customized and can be simply adhered to a door or frame. The remote controller can be mounted anywhere inside a cabinet and provides two outputs for independent control of two separate compartments. Flexible and easy to use, it can be customized to accommodate any look, shape or feel.

Product Features and Benefits

The Membrane Keypad Access Controller provides simplified access control for any electronic lock. It eliminates mechanical key management with simple keypad access for up to 120 user codes. Two outputs provide additional security where independent access is required for multiple compartments. Programming options provide a simple method for controlling access times and setting up access codes.

  • Two independent outputs
  • Sleep mode for minimal power drain
  • Up to 120 user access codes
  • Custom designs for unique customer styling
  • LED indicators for keypad status and programming


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