Datum Extends Industry Standard Torque Measurement Range Datum Electronics Size 5 M420

The Datum Electronics M420 rotary torque transducer has become the industry standard and is used in over 50 countries across the World we have expanded the range with the introduction of the Size 5. The Size 5 increases the standard torque range of the M420, with 18 ranges from 0-10Nm up to 0-10,000Nm, with two more ranges measuring torque between 0-15,000Nm and 0-20,000Nm with a high accuracy of greater than 0.1% and with speeds of rotation up 2,500RPM as standard.

The M420 standard range with the introduction of the size 5 has a broad appeal; as the torque measurement experts Datum Electronics are only too aware of the specialist nature of torque measurement. To meet these requirements the M420 range can optionally measure torque at high speeds of up to 18,000RPM or can provide a high sample speed measurement of up to 1000 samples per second if required. For larger torque measurements the Datum Electronics FF420 standard range of 0-250Nm up to 0-10,000Nm can be expanded to measure torque up to 0-500,000Nm whilst maintaining the high levels of accuracy and simplicity of use Datum Electronics prides itself on.

M420 rotary torque transducers takes serial data direct from the shaft ensuring that the torque and speed measurement provides the customer with highly stable, noise immune, accurate data. The latest size 5 brings a new heavy torque measurement capability to this popular range, which is simple and easy to integrate into an existing drive train or as part of a test rig. The M420 Datum Electronics Universal Interface gives a variety of outputs including; RS232, RS485, Analogue options i.e. 0-10V or 4-20mA, and USB allowing live displays and data logging of torque and speed which can be stored and imported to other software including Microsoft Excel etc.


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