Datum Electronics Installs Marine Torsion Meter System Onboard Sea France Flaghsip Ferry

Datum Electronics Shaft Power Torsionmeters have gained a reputation for reliability and cost effectiveness based on our experience of providing Torque and shaft power solutions to Marine and other industries worldwide.

At Datum Electronics we supply Torsion meters not only to Commercial operators worldwide, but also many of the world’s Navies based on our Military product offerings which have been subjected to rigorous testing including all UK MOD Defence standards and US MIL SPEC 901D and 167 and meet the strict requirements of Military services globally.

Whether your requirement is for a Commercial or Naval system, we can supply the right equipment and offer a complete service from build to installation.

The SPS MTM (Marine Torsion meter) system has been designed as a scalable torque measurement system that can be installed onto circular shafts from 300mm to over 1000mm diameter.

Available with a full variety of outputs, from RS485 to analog, it can interface with the ships control systems.


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