Custom Optical Systems for Harsh Environments

Resolve Optics Ltd. design and manufacture optimised custom optical systems for hostile environments where radiation, extremes of temperature / pressure, high levels of vibration / shock or contact with corrosive liquids and gases would render standard products unusable.

For high-temperature environments - Resolve Optics Ltd. has developed optical systems that will operate up to 950°C without cooling. For radioactive environments - Resolve Optics has developed custom lens systems and through wall endoscopes capable of withstanding radiation doses of up to 100,000,000 rads without degradation of performance. For defence and aerospace applications - Resolve Optics has developed compact optical systems that uniquely combine high performance, resistance to ingress of dirt and moisture as well as maintaining their integrity despite being subject to constant vibration and shock.

Drawing upon a team of top optical designers and engineers - Resolve Optics has developed expertise in creating specialist lenses that not only can withstand harsh environments but also can offer greater resolution ; large apertures to ensure the maximum use of the light available ; wide fields of view with little or no distortion ; optical designs and coatings that are balanced to give best performance at a desired wavelength or waveband and compactness as space is often at a premium.

Operating from its ISO9001-2008 approved facility in Chesham, UK - Resolve Optics Ltd. has for over 20 years developed OEM quantity specialist lens systems and optical designs for small and large high technology businesses. The company has the proven and rare capability to produce small quantities of high performance, mounted lens systems with the look, feel and quality equivalent to the best professional photographic and broadcast TV lenses.


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