Competitively Priced Potentiometric Angle Sensors

Competitively priced Potentiometric Angle Sensors take advantage of economy-of-scale automotive manufacture

Through its distribution partnership with Novotechnik, the German Tier One automotive sensor manufacturer, Variohm EuroSensor has launched two new potentiometric angle sensors that have exceptional price/performance ratios through high volume 'economies-of-scale' manufacture.

With an electrical measurement angle of around 100 degrees, the SP1600 and SP4000 angle sensors are both produced in large quantities for high reliability automotive position feedback applications. However, their simplicity in design and highly durable construction allows use in all kinds of extreme environments such as agricultural machinery, construction equipment or demanding industrial angle measurement.

Contact even under the most arduous conditions

Both models feature Novotechnik's well proven potentiometric sensor technology with conductive plastic resistance elements and precious metal multi-finger wipers that ensure contact even under the most arduous conditions. With high-grade and temperature-resistant moulded plastic housings, these sensors feature hollow shaft couplings and O-ring seals for protection up to IP67. Each design includes an internal return spring and requires a customer-side drive shaft and support bearing arrangement.

Whilst the main environmental specifications for both models are relatively similar, the mechanical design differs in terms of the orientation of the measurement angle and the built-in 3-pin electrical connector. For the SP1600, the sensor housing is secured with a single oval slot whilst the SP4000 includes two brass bushings.

The SP1600 offers a 105 degree nominal electrical angle with a 5 kΩ nominal resistance and up to 24 VDC supply. The SP4000 has a 101 degree nominal electrical angle, a 1.2 kΩ resistance and up to 16 VDC supply. Both high accuracy sensors feature an absolute linearity of +/- 2% VDD with repeatability to within one degree.

The SP1600 and SP4000 sensors are designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions, close to automotive engines and gearboxes with large temperature extremes and high levels of shock and vibration.

Custom Versions available

Thanks to the modular construction of the Novotechnik design, custom versions of both sensors, with different electrical angles or mechanical interfacing, are available on request.

Novotechnik has recently received a 'Supplier of the Year' award from a major automotive component manufacture for a throttle position sensor that has achieved 50 million parts supplied with zero field failures. The new angle sensors are part of a wide range of Novotechnik contacting and non-contacting linear and angular position sensors available exclusively in the UK and Ireland from Variohm EuroSensor.


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