C16A - Self-Restoring Rockerpin Load Cell - Ideal for Vehicle Scales

The C16A is an analog load cell with maximum capacities from 20 to 100 t. This self-centering load cell provides a legal for trade accuracy of up to 5000 divisions (OIML D1, C3, C4, C5). The load cell's robust design together with the patented rotation stop makes the load cell especially fit for use in vehicle scales. Of course it offers IP68 degree of protection. The C16A load cell is optionally available with integrated lightning protection.

Key Feature(s)

* Self-restoring function
* Simple to install
* Stainless steel materials, laser welded, IP68
* Legal for trade verification up to 5,000d (OIML R60) resp up to 10,000 d (NTEP class III LM)
* Optimized for parallel connection by corner pre-adjustment
* Meets EMC / ESD requirements according to EN 45 501
* Explosion proof versions according to ATEX 95 (optional)


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