Autotex Films Ensure High UV Resistance for Tablet PCs

Kienzle Systems' membrane keyboards and graphic displays have long been regarded as among the leading products in European and international markets. Based in Bad-Friedrichshall, Germany, the company has most recently been working on new developments for portable PC systems, particularly the design and production of hard-wearing data entry devices, housings and components for Tablet PCs used in a wide range of outdoor applications.

The latest generation of heavy duty tablet PCs has been developed specifically for extreme outdoor use, with protection from vibration and water spray, in areas that include land registry and surveying assignments, outdoor mapping, industrial and construction sites, and even rescue operations. Data entry is intuitive, via an active pen, and poses no problem even when wearing protective gloves. The main requirement for using such mobile equipment, however, is ergonomic design and excellent legibility even in direct sunlight.

In particular, the high levels of UV light in such exterior applications rapidly affect the performance of conventional membrane keypads, leading to discolouration and embrittlement of the surface layers. As a result, Kienzle Systems have specified Autotex XE from MacDermid Autotype for the overlay film for Tablet PCs.

This advanced polyester film combines the well-known properties of polyester with outstanding UV resistance. Autotex XE is a high-quality textured polyester film consisting of a polyester base and a flexible, chemically bound, textured hard coating.

Björn Kienzle at Kienzle Systems explains that, "The uniform, textured surface, extraordinary anti-scratch properties and of course the high UV resistance that prevents premature yellowing and embrittlement, make Autotex XE the ideal material for these demanding outdoor applications."

He goes on to say, "We create a huge number of exclusive variants for easy-to-operate front-end designs. Apart from customer-specific keyboards for all parts of industry, measuring and control technology, utility vehicles, industrial PCs and medical engineering, we now produce data entry systems for surveying and geological applications.

Our customers in each of these demanding market sectors demand maximum performance, reliability and consistency. To achieve the high quality standard for which our products are well known, we therefore need a supplier with equally progressive quality products. With its industrial films, MacDermid Autotype is the market leader in the field of polyester overlay films, and the right partner for us“.


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