ARBOR's M1857 Awarded by the 2011 Best Choice of Computex

ARBOR's Patient Infotainment Terminal M1857 has won the Best Choice Award of Computex Taipei 2011.

IMedical computer series is one of ARBOR highlight products. The latest launched medical terminal M1857 focuses on patient care application. With built-in low power consumption Intel Atom N270 processor, fanless and seamless design, M1857 meets IP54 grade (IP65 for front panel), which makes it suitable for using in hospitals and clinics. Moreover, M1857 also features in entertainment and information terminal for patients during their stay in hospital. The 18" touch screen, self-defined function keys and abundant expansions make clinicians and patients operating more convenient.

ARBOR has taken great effort in developing embedded computer products and providing professional solutions for customers from various fields. Same as last year, ARBOR was awarded by Best Choice in IPC & Embedded Product category again from 446 products. The functionality, innovation and export potential are the winning factors of M1857. The Best Choice Award approves both M1857's outstanding performance and ARBOR's technology in embedded fields.


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