ARBOR Mobile MCA M1040 Integrates with Thinix Touch for Enhancing Convenience

ARBOR M1040 is specially designed as Medical Clinical Assistant which aims to facilitate clinicians' work in variety of healthcare institutions. In order to enhance convenience of operating, ARBOR M1040?has completed the compatibility test of Thinix Touch which is a touch-friendly interface specifically designed for tablet pc.

The Thinix Touch provides more convenient interfaces which can replace Windows interface that usually need bigger screen, keyboard and mouse. When connecting with docking station, the M1040 adopts original Windows XP or Windows 7; when it is removed from docking station, Thinix Flip will automatically detect operation mode and change to Thinix Touch interface. Users can then choose various programs which are developed by Thinix for medical application. Featuring easy touch function, Thinix Touch allows clinicians to process their work faster, more convenient and can enhance efficiency as well.

Arbor keeps collaborating with third-party software partner like Thinix to bring exceptional experiences of touch computing to our customers.


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