7GHz High Frequency Reed Relays

CRR/CRF Series Surface Mount Reed Relays Switch High Frequencies!

The CRF/CRR Series Reed Relays are a low-profile surface mount device, measuring only 8.6mm x 4.4 mm x 3.4 mm. Their leadless design makes them ideal for high density PCB population while eliminating potential skewing and co-planarity issues.

The CRF Reed Relay is a High Frequency version capable of switching frequencies up at 7GHz.

The CRF/CRR package is constructed of a ceramic substrate that is hermetically sealed by a plastic thermoset molded top. The ceramic base and reed switch were carefully selected to have thermal coefficients that exactly match, eliminating any potential stress during the thermoset molding process.

Built to last, these relays are capable of withstanding reflow-soldering temperatures up to 260°C and perform billions of operations. Additionally these ceramic reed relays use no internal solder and have a 1 µV typical thermal offset.

Both the CRF and CRR are also available in BGA (Ball Grid Array) versions and are packaged in tape and reel.


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