True 16-bit PC/104 Analog I/O Module for non-DMA Systems has Filters, IRQs, Digital I/O, Ext Temp, and Autoscan Mode

Micro/sys announces the latest addition to our family of popular PC/104 stack-on embedded data acquisition modules offering 32 channels of 16-bit analog-to-digital input and 4 channels of 14-bit digital-to-analog output. Designed to address the decreasing ability of the PC/104 bus to support the growing number of non-DMA processors in the embedded Intel family, the MPC565 implements First In, First Out (FIFO) registers to organize and pass back-and-forth A/D communication.

By utilizing the FIFO registers, users gain the advantage of simultaneous read/write functions at convenient intervals without tying up valuable CPU time. Significant design attention was given to maintaining a low noise analog subsystem that could deliver true 16-bit and 14-bit performance. The rigorous analog input subsystem includes programmable gain amplifiers, programmable low-pass filters, a 16-channel differential input mode (DI), and input overvoltage protection to ±40V, with power on or off. The analog output subsystem includes 1-pole low-pass filters, and output buffers capable of driving cables and other highly capacitive loads. An on-board EEPROM holds calibration data that can be used for installed, end-to-end calibration of input channels.


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