New Han-Compact® hoods

Straight and angled cable entry – two-piece structure for highly convenient handling

HARTING's new hoods of the Han-Compact® product range have exceeded market requirements. The compact metal hood with different cable entry directions is suitable for all contact inserts of the Han-Compact® size.

The hoods are available with straight and angled cable entries. Variants with surfaces for standard and EMC applications are also available for this product range. The outer threads are moulded onto the hood. With that are also cost-efficient half-cable glands for diverse cable diameters and an IRIS spring for shield termination available for this hood.

Thanks to the two-piece design of the hood, users can slip the hood element including the cable gland onto the cable during assembly. This facilitates fast and with that cost-effective wiring of the contacts. The hood element is then closed again and fastened with the screws.

A separate ground conductor terminal on the hood enables the use of connectors with higher rated voltages and currents. The connectors Han® Q 4/2 with crimp and axial screw termination, the Han® Q 8/0 with crimp and Han-Quick Lock® termination, the Han® Q 17/0 with crimp termination and the Han® Q Data RJ 45 can all be used with the new metal hood.


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