Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Han-INOX® series of stainless steel hoods and housings gain new versions

Han-INOX® - stainless steel connector series designed for operations in the harshest environments

Han-INOX® is HARTING's stainless steel connector series that is designed for operations in the harshest environments. The new angled hoods, bulkhead mount housings and surface mount housings of the new Han® 3 A size have gained many design options that complement those of the standard Han® 3 A hoods and housing series. Moreover, the product range has been extended with protective caps for bulkhead mount housings and hoods. This feature ensures degree of protection IP 65/67 for the service interfaces at all times, regardless of whether or not they are in use.

Han-INOX® meets all requirements for the implementation of high-quality connectivity solutions for applications presenting special demands. In addition to outdoor applications, this especially includes applications in process technology and in the food and beverages industries.

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