Han® 3 HPR

HARTING has added extended angled bulkhead and surfacemounting housings size 3 A to its proven Han® HPR series.

This addition means that it is now also possible to mount the Han-Brid® Quintax contact insert in an angled Han® 3 HPR bulkhead or surface mounting housing.

There is also more wiring space available for improved assembly of the various contact inserts.

The Han® HPR series is the right solution particularly for electrical interfaces in vehicles, applications with harsher climatic requirements or wet areas, and sensitive interfaces that have to be protected or shielded.

For mounting the new housings two versions are available, one with through holes and one with blind tapped holes in the mounting flange. The version with the blind tapped holes eliminates the need for separately sealing the fixing screws.

Due to the M25 cable entry , the new Han® 3 HPR housings allow cables with larger outer diameters to be used.

The other technical details for the new housings correspond to the data for the previous angled Han® 3 HPR bulkhead and surface mounted housing and are 100 % plug-compatible with the Han® 3 HPR hoods with screw locking.


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