Ohmite Manufacturing Extends Its Fc4l Series of Resistors

Ohmite Manufacturing Company, a leading provider of thermal solutions and resistors for high current, high voltage and high energy applications, announces that it has expanded its FC4L Series of four terminal current sense resistors. This series, previously available in five watt package sizes, is now also available in two watt package sizes.

Employing a Ni-Cu-Mn resistive element, the FC4L Series features a built in four-terminal design with two larger electrodes for current management and two smaller electrodes for voltage measurement. This Kelvin type resistor is designed for automatic insertion and features a metal foil construction, ensuring a very stable Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR). In addition, it provides a tight tolerance (5% at 1 milliohm, 2% at 2 milliohms, and 1% at 3, 5, 10, 25, and 50 milliohms).

Available in industry standard sizes, the FC4L Series functions for both high heat resistant use and low heat electromotive use. Its four-wire connection improves measurement accuracy by directly sensing a voltage drop across the resistor. This eliminates inaccuracies caused by voltage drops across resistor leads and printed circuit board (PCB) traces.

These current sense resistors can be used in a variety of battery powered electronic devices to mitigate concerns with battery life, recharging frequency, and overcharging risks.


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