Nuvoton Technology Corp., a leading worldwide provider of semiconductors for consumer and computing applications, today introduced the ISD2360, the first ChipCorder® device with three-channel mixing playback and general-purpose input/output (GPIO) parallel processing. Ideal for automotive, medical-alert, instrumentation and point-of-purchase applications, the ISD2360 enables louder speaker output (1.0W at 5V) than comparable devices and allows designs to use audio-grade digital playback of voice and/or music for up to 64 seconds—all without the need of a microcontroller.    

"Clear, high-grade audio and the ability to play it back efficiently has evolved from a luxury to the norm in a growing number of today’s consumer and industrial applications," said CS Lin, vice president of marketing at Nuvoton Technology Corporation America. "While single-channel, shorter-duration audio playback is adequate for some of those applications, others are demanding longer, much-richer audio in order to both distinguish products and make them more robust.  The ChipCorder ISD2360 satisfies this latter category, through its three-channel mixing playback, GPIO parallel processing, low power requirements, and high-level integration that combine to provide designers with a true single chip audio solution.”

With its ability to add background sounds to forefront audio, the three-channel mixing playback in the ISD2360 enables designs to feature a deeper, richer, multi-level sound experience, along with versatility in how audio is used.  The device could be used, for example, in applications that require on-hold music and periodic spoken-word updates.  Additionally, the ISD2360’s parallel GPIO allows designs to feature complementary effects, such as driving LED lights to complement an application’s audio, without the need for additional circuitry.

The ISD2360 reduces overall product costs and conserves designs’ “real estate” through its ability to operate independently of a microcontroller, along with its built-in digital compression, flash storage for non-volatile audio playback of up to 30 seconds, a speaker driver, and digital audio signal paths.  Additionally, the very-low-power (less than 10 microamps), easily programmable device features a vastly improved sampling rate (up to 32Khz) and a higher signal-to-noise ratio (60dB) than previous-generation digital-audio ICs.


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