Assembled Cables – the Key is in the Combination

Assembled cables data category 5, 6 and 7 according to ISO/IEC 11801

Cabling is the backbone of many applications. In applications such as communication systems the selection of the wrong cables or incorrect laying of cables will frequently result in incorrect data data transfer, data loss or complete network breakdowns.

Reliably functioning cables are an essential element for operating high performance networks with high availability rates, particularly in demanding environments.

Assembled Cables from HARTING

This is why the HARTING portfolio includes ISO/IEC 11801 data category 5, 6 and 7 assembled cables coordinated to the various environmental conditions. The models range from rigid to flexible cables to cable suitable for use as drag chains, with optional features such as oil-resistance, particular robustness or halogen-free construction.

All assembled cables are optimized and 100 % tested for their electrical and mechanical properties in order to guarantee consistently high quality. "Plug and play" becomes reality for customers and dispenses with assembly input.

Different cable lengths and overmolded cables or optional customized solutions ensure that HARTING cabling systems can be deployed in diverse applications in the widest range of markets. Overmolded assembled cables are available in the materials PVC and PUR, for example, and optionally with internal shielding. We offer the right solution, no matter how large or small the volume involved.


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