Molex Launches Hand-Held Wire Crimp Pull-Force Tester, the First Portable Version for the Global Market

Molex Incorporated today announced its Hand-Held Wire Crimp Pull-Force Tester, a manual, hand-operated digital pull tester that delivers accurate pull-force readings required to verify crimp quality. Ideal for contract manufacturers and harness houses, the Hand-Held Wire Crimp Pull-Force Tester from Molex measures accurate pull strengths on a wide range of crimped terminals and wires, providing consistent verification of crimp pull force and reducing potential quality issues. Molex will showcase the product in booth 2454 at the International BoatBuilders’ (IBEX) Exhibition, October 2 – 4, 2012 Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, Kentucky.

“Our Hand-Held Wire Crimp Pull-Force Tester can be used in any situation requiring a portable solution to verify crimp quality, including applications in the automotive, commercial, contract manufacturing, design/engineering facilities and industrial marketplaces,” said Bob Grenke, product manager, Molex. For marine instrumentation manufacturing, it is an ideal tool due to its portability. “Many of the marine manufacturing facilities have large factory floor footprints with multiple departments responsible for ensuring quality. Multiple stationary pull force testers could be required; this portable tool can allow marine manufacturers the ability to reduce their capital equipment investments for their quality processes with one portable tool,” said Grenke.

The Hand-Held Wire Crimp Pull-Force Tester from Molex comes standard with both a wheel-type clamp featuring multiple slot sizes for wire diameters up to 6.35mm and a clamp-style holder for open-barrel products. The manual hand-cycle lever automatically grips the wire, providing an accurate measurement of the crimp pull strength on a wide range of wire sizes and terminals including crimped, soldered or solderless. It comes with multiple power plugs and a digital output that displays measurement settings in pound force (lbf), kilogram force (kgf) and newton (N), making the Hand-Held Wire Crimp Pull-Force Tester ideal for global use. It is shipped with AC rechargeable adapters for 120 and 230V AC power supplies and a calibration certificate (NIST).


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