Single-source integrated solutions

The capacity and performance of the diecasting industry is greatly dependent on the development of efficient and sustainable manufacturing technologies. Henkel will be presenting a truly future-aligned product portfolio at GIFA 2011, encompassing innovative solutions right along the entire value chain and offering industrial users all the synergy benefits ensuing from the merger.

High-quality and corrosion-resistant diecast components pass through a number of process stages before they can be deemed ‘complete’. Aside from the actual casting process, machining, component cleaning, pretreatment and final assembly all have a decisive influence on their value. Henkel is able to offer premium products covering all the manufacturing stages mentioned. Indeed, the company’s portfolio includes everything from high-performance lubricants and lubricoolants to specialty cleaners, conversion coatings, adhesives and sealants. Henkel also supplies specific application equipment for water free systems compatible with the specific fluids that it handles. Henkel is able to ensure the ideal interplay between all the process stages, securing maximum value added at every turn.

Excellent tribological performance, efficient coating application

Henkel’s lubricants and mold release agents of the Deltacast range are indispensable aids for the casting process itself, delivering first-class performance even under conditions of high temperature. They help to extend the service life of the molds, reduce scrap rates and increase productivity. The Deltacast CP-range are water-based release agents specifically designed for the pressure die casting, thixo-casting and squeeze casting of aluminum, magnesium and other non-ferrous metals. The CG-range are specific formulations for the gravity and low pressure die-casting of aluminum and non-ferrous metals. For the perfection in die management technology for pressure die-casting of aluminum and magnesium, Henkel has developed Deltacast Liquid Powder.

Despite the sophisticated production processes applied, expensive castings can sometimes be rendered unusable by porosity, blowholes or similar structural defects – unless, of course, they can be salvaged with Henkel Loctite-KID. This vacuum impregnation process enables flawed components to remain in the manufacturing process instead of being assigned to the scrap heap. Offering impressive properties such as good resistance against chemicals and solvents, a high level of thermal durability and effective resealing, the impregnating agents used by the system are approved by the major automobile manufacturers and OEM suppliers around the world. The impregnation process leaves the treated workpieces clean and free of corrosion and oxidation, enabling them to be further processed without any reworking. And the cured impregnant also remains resistant to oils, grease, most kinds of acid, liquid fuels, gases, coolants and solvents throughout the service lifetime of the components involved. For the impregnation of workpieces, LOCTITE offers a choice of an external full-service package or the tailored integration of a vacuum impregnation plant within the customer’s production process.

Focusing on the full value chain

As a world leader in the manufacturing of adhesives and sealants and based on decades of experience in industrial cleaning and surface treatment, Henkel is also in a position to supply customers with sophisticated solutions for cleaning and machining. Henkel’s P3 products are high-quality alkali, acid and neutral aqueous cleaners for efficient process, parts and maintenance cleaning. The enhance both th the efficacy and the reliability of the overall process, as well as the quality of the manufactured components. And for the machining stage, Henkel is able to offer high performance coolants which deliver economic metalworking and forming of light metals, cast iron, steel alloys and non-ferrous metals. Multan features have created an innovative push in metal operations including: High cleanliness, longer tool life, low scrap rate and reduced consumption.

Henkel is also setting new standards in metal pretreatment with its Alodine product group for chrome-free coating and anodizing processes. Given the ever-increasing concerns over environmental and health risks, the trend in the metal-coating industry is toward even more extensive use of chrome-free technologies – an area in which Henkel can already resort to more than ten years of research expertise. Its Alodine products offer ideal corrosion protection for aluminum, magnesium and light alloys while guaranteeing outstanding paint adhesion.

Last but not least, customers can also rely on the reliability of Henkel products for the subsequent component assembly phase. The company’s widely known adhesive under the Teroson brand offer multiple solutions for the structural bonding of metal and plastics, replacing conventional joining techniques such as welding and screw-fixing. Meanwhile, liquid gaskets of the Loctite brand are ideal for component surfaces of all shapes and sizes. These flange seals are resistant to oil, transmission fluids and water while also exhibiting impressively high temperature resistance.


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