OMRON Introduces New EPC UHF Global Reader Platform

OMRON Corporation (TSE: 6645; US: OMRNY) today announced its new V750 reader platform, which will support global frequency bands for the United States (915MHz), Europe (867MHz) and Japan (953MHz). The V750 series, designed and manufactured by OMRON, will be newly introduced to the European and Japanese markets, while in the U.S. it represents an expansion to OMRON’s current V740 EPC UHF reader product range.

The V750 reader platform enables high performance EPC Gen2 reading/writing and features easy set up, advanced diagnostics, self execution and RF environmental monitoring functions.

Drawing on decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of RFID systems, OMRON has introduced the V750 in response to many global customer and system integrator requests for an interrogator that can lower total installation costs, expand RFID applications and provide site analysis assistance.

The V750 runs on a light real-time operating system (RTOS) that delivers consistent, repeatable performance to meet high-line speed and I/O requirements for supply chain as well as packaging and manufacturing operations. For example, the V750 has an “optimized” implementation for tag density self adjustment which improves actual read times required for applications that have frequent changes to the number of tags being read.

The new platform supports OMRON’s recently announced scanning antenna technology that provides direction of tag travel and eliminates “null points” in the read zone to achieve significant improvement for RFID tag read reliability.

The combination of OMRON’s global frequency Gen2 inlays and the new V750 reader platform continues to underscore and expand the company's commitment to support today's worldwide business activities.


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