The new FTS 3100s-A

The Ha-VIS FTS 3100s-A is the first switch in the product series to offer the innovative Fast Track Switching technology. It is the solution that satisfies the majority of performance and determinism requirements in Ethernet networks in the automation.

The switch detects real-time automation frames and uses the cut-through method to accelerate their transmission. These automation frames are always forwarded before other types – in other words, they always have the right-of-way over non-real-time frames.

The FTS 3100s-A with 10 Fast Ethernet ports is an unmanaged switch that can be configured with the FTS Manager via a USB interface. It combines the simple handling of a plug-and-play device with individual setting options tuned to the particularly automation application.

FTS 3100s-A with 10 Fast Ethernet ports

Port-related settings, such as data rate, duplex mode, port mirroring, etc., are easy to set up.

The FTS Manager allows users to select the automation protocols that are to be detected and put on the fast track.

PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and ModbusTCP are the protocols that are currently available, and they can be preconfigured and then activated with just a click.

There are also versatile options that allow other profiles to be detected and transported in FTS mode. This enables users to profit from FTS, even for their specific protocols - the switch can simply be optimized to almost any application, although the factory setting can handle the requirements in most cases. Users also have a safe and reliable tool for saving and loading the settings when the optional pluggable memory card is added.


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