New Han® 3 A housing with extended application options

Han® 3 A - more than 25 contact inserts

Since many years HARTING's Han® 3 A product range with more than 25 contact inserts has established itself as the standard for interfaces for the transfer of electrical signals and data transmission, as well as for the power supply to small-scale units in industry. Two new housings are now extending the Han® 3 A application options.

Han® 3 A angled bulkhead-mount housing

A new angled bulkhead-mount housing that can be fastened with four screws is one of the available options. Especially with a look to machinery that is subject to high mechanical stress, this metal housing represents the ideal solution for a rugged design. It is predestined for applications in mechanical engineering where the connectors are also exposed to extreme forces generated by high velocities. The bulkhead-mount housing is also equipped with a special sealing system that ensures direct contact between the connector housing and the mounting surface for optimum EMC performance.

Han® 3 A Split Hood housing

The Han® 3 A Split Hood housing made of metal is HARTING’s second innovation here. This version can also be combined with all Han® 3 A contact inserts and is suitable for mounting from the front or rear side of control cabinet panels. The housing can also be sealed on termination side with a screwed gland so that the entire interface is protected for applications with IP 65 / 67 degree of protection.


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