ABN Technology for Passive Monochrome LCDs

Originally developed by KYOCERA Display as one of it technological innovations for the American automotive market, Advanced Black Nematic (ABN) achieves a true black level by dramatically reducing the light leakage, resulting in exceptional performance for a passive monochrome display.

ABN technology uses a special liquid crystal alignment structure to achieve a true black level, it dramatically reduces the light leakage to 0.008%. The LCD panel features contrast ratio of 1000:1(for segment type), super wide viewing angle, and with no performance shift over wide temperature range.

This technology also exhibits practically no color shift, so any backlight color can be used without compromising contrast ratio.

Feature Highlight:
  •     Super high contrast ratio
  •     Wide viewing angle
  •     No color shifting from off angle
  •     Multiple LED colors are available to choose


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