Addition of Snap-in Terminal-Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors to the "GX Series" with a Rated Voltage of 500V

Nichicon Corporation recently added a product with a rated voltage of 500V to the GX series of snap-in terminal-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors for use mainly in power inputs and smoothing out general purpose inverter power sources. The line-up will be on display at the CEATEC JAPAN 2012 exhibition to be held at Makuhari Messe from 2–6 October (Tues-Sat).

The GX series is a series of small, long-life reservoir capacitors, for which we have a line-up of products of rated voltages up to 450V. It is a series with a wide range of uses in switching regulators, general purpose inverters, etc. Until now, we have catered to individual requests for a rated voltage exceeding 500V, but with demand growing by the year for higher withstand voltages for use in solar power conditioners, we added the GN series with a rated voltage of 500V last year, followed by the addition of the long-life GX series to the line-up in our catalog.

With the high withstand voltage electrode foil developed by our company, and our knowledge in optimizing the uncoiling of electrode foil cultivated over time, the GX series with a rated voltage of 500V has achieved a high withstand voltage. It is also the same size as the GN series but has a longer life.


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