Han-Power® S – easy and convenient installation to ISO 23570

Integrated 24 V power supply module is a further, decisive step in simplifying installation technology

HARTING'S Han-Power® S series represents a decisive step in simplifying installation technology. In addition to communication, the 400 V Power and 24 V cables are vital for industrial automation technology. With regard to the power range, consistency in the installation concept means that the 400 V, 230 V and 24 V lines are considered as integral elements.

Distributed field devices that require both 400 V power and a 24 V auxiliary voltage can be wired efficiently using Han-Power® S.

Han-Power® S - the assembly is very simple and comfortable

The installation calls for a power cable with 7 x 4.0 mm² or 5 x 4.0 mm² conductors, for example. The outer insulation of the cable is stripped to the defined length, the stranded wire conductors are inserted into the Han-Power® S and tapped via the insulation displacement terminal. The power cable is routed, as accustomed, via the Han® Q 4/2 connector. It is also possible to use this connector to wire the distributed frequency converter. The 230/24 V power supply module is installed in the Han-Power® S. The connection is made using M12 connectors at the Han-Power® S. Thanks to the distributed configuration a maximum current of 2 A is sufficient for almost any application.

The installation of a Han-Power® S with maintenance switch proceeds in a similar manner. The special feature here is the fact that the maintenance switch isolates the three poles of the power train from mains.


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