Adhesin dilution system simplifies sustainable production in the tissue industry

Concentrated water-based adhesive systems offer the benefit of low transport weights compared to ready-to-use products. And now, with a fully automatic device, Henkel can simplify concentrate dilution for customers of its Adhesin brand of adhesives in the tissue and towel industry.

With environmental awareness growing among both manufacturers and customers, the decision-makers of the tissue industry are increasingly turning their attention to the issue of sustainability in production. Usually, the focus is on processes relating to forestry and in the paper mill, with the subsequent manufacturing operations and the adhesives used often being somewhat overlooked. However, with its adhesive concentrates, Henkel is able to offer some interesting solutions in precisely this domain. Needless to say, as they contain less water, these exhibit a smaller volume than ready-to-use adhesive solutions. This reduces the transport and storage costs while also contributing to a more environmentally sound production process.

As a rule, manufacturers of kitchen or toilet paper dilute the concentrates with water in ratios of between 1:1 to 1:6 and sometimes even more in order to obtain the specified consistency. It is a process which needs precision if optimum results are to be ensured. And it is also a process that occasionally causes the converters problems in achieving an identical dilution ratio every time. Using the Henkel system brings significant savings in time within the production process, while also offering quality assurance in adhesive dilution.

Mixer ensures optimized concentrate dilution

Cooperating with highly specialized equipment manufacturers, Henkel has developed an automatic dilution station that controls and monitors the dilution process of the Adhesin concentrate. With this system, it is possible to obtain optimum dilution in all the adhesive applications involved in the manufacture of tissue and towel products.

The equipment is suitable for a range of applications, from pick-up and tail sealing to laminating and core winding.

Easy to use

Customers will find that the dilution station is easy both to install and to operate. And it will dilute all the standard Adhesin concentrates such as LAM 1090 and LAM 1070. All that is required is a 400 volt power supply, a compressed air system capable of generating a pressure of 5 bar, and a simple water connection with a flow capacity of 300 liters per hour. Finally, the mixer is connected via either a flexible or a rigid line to the customer’s adhesive applicator.

Cleaning is also a simple affair, and is only required every couple of months, depending on intensity of usage. For this, there is a separate connection to the equipment, enabling it to be flushed in situ from the plant water supply.

Successful operational trials

The first dilution stations have already been successfully put through their paces at Henkel customers’ operations where initial trials are supported by Henkel Technical Customer Service. Converters in the tissue and towel industry interested in the system can obtain further details directly from their Adhesin advisor.


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