Touch Switches Promise Enhanced Visibility and Performance

KYOCERA Display is offering a new capacitive touch switch based on technology experience gained in the smart phone market. This capacitive touch switch detects variations in position and command. This technology offers the highest standard of optical performance with ease of design. Capacitive touch solutions focus on a number of applications, including: handheld terminals, gaming, medical equipment, point-of-sale and mobile applications to enable human-machine interface.

The new touch switch solutions provide outstanding clarity and simplify the design. The new capacitive touch switch technology eliminates air gaps and reduces the number of layers. An improved visibility results from less reflectance and higher transparency of the display image through the touch panel and allows for a thinner display sensor stack up. (0.5mm—0.7mm thickness in viewing area). The new solutions not only offer high optical performance but also are more compact and light weight. The structure is very robust with lifetime of approximately 100 million touches. The surface is not damaged by exposure to fluid and is easy to clean.

In addition, the new touch switch solution from KYOCERA Display offers a transparency of min. 95 percent and a reflection of less than 15 percent. The operating temperature is -20°C - +70°C.

Products based on the capacitive touch technology are currently available for demonstration and design-in purposes in 3-inch (T-55149) and 3.5-inch (T-55343) display sizes. Additional sizes in 5.7-inch (T- 55265) and 6.5-inch (T-51750) will soon be available. Our touch switch solution is available alone or with out display product integrated to the touch screen.


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