FOC – SC contacts now meet demanding POF specifications

SC contacts are now available for 1 mm POF

HARTING has expanded its portfolio of FOC contacts. SC contacts are now not only available for GI and HCS fibres, but also for 1 mm POF, while two variants feature "Quick-Assembly" technology. This assembly technology has been proven in for F-SMA and F-ST contacts in the course of many years and enables safe fixation of the fibre in the contact without any tools required - making it the ideal solution for field assemblies. In addition to the standard variant, HARTING is also providing a version with anti-kink guard.

The third variant is now available for crimp connections using standard crimp tools and meets even the most stringent requirements in terms of vibration resistance for transportation technology. All SC contacts can be utilized as single connectors and are also optimized for applications with Han® connectors. Users can integrate up to four contacts in connectors of the Han® 3 A size. The Han-Modular® product range is available for applications which require more contacts. It is even possible to conveniently integrate hybrid constellations consisting of a combination of FOC contacts and electrical contacts, for example, for power supplies.

The integration of the contacts in the Han® connector forms a robust, IP-protected solution meeting all the essential requirements of operations in industrial environments.


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