System solutions for rolling networks

Ha-VIS 4000 and Ha-VIS EtherRail® form the basis for reliable Ethernet networks in and between wagons

The Ethernet switches of HARTING's product range Ha-VIS 4000 and the Ha-VIS EtherRail® data cables form the basis of reliable Ethernet networks in and between wagons. The implementation of redundant networks that are specially attuned to meet requirements in busses, street cars and trains can be optimized with a combination of supplementary, interactive products, such as Ethernet Switch with PoE, highly flexible data cables (compliant with LSZH) and HARTING connectors.

The 8-port PoE switch (Ha-VIS eCon 4080-BPoE1) can be used to efficiently install video networks enhancing passenger safety in the cabin or at bus/train stops. The highly flexible data cable with four-star construction can be used both as connecting cable at the carriage transition and for installations in the vehicles and conforms to current fire regulations to TS EN 45 545-5 for rail and bus vehicles.


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