Murata's world's Smallest Chip Inductor - 0201 size (0.25 x 0.125mm)

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 6981) (ISIN: JP3914400001) has developed the world's smallest 0201 <millimeter> size (0.25 x 0.125 mm) *1 chip inductor*2 — a first in the industry. The volume of this new chip inductor is approximately 25% of the 0402 <millimeter> size (0.4 x 0.2mm) , the predominant chip inductor presently used in market leading smartphones.

Murata will be exhibiting this innovative chip inductor at their booth in "CEATEC JAPAN 2012", which will be held from October 2.

The number of electronic components used in compact mobile devices continues to increase to enable an increasingly greater number of features. The growth in size of mobile devices is not proportional to the increase in number of features, which means that volumetric efficiency is a key factor in product design. This is driving a growing need for ultra-small components that can support high-density mounting. The 0402 <millimeter> size high-frequency chip inductors, which have been the smallest size commercialized so far, have seen increasing widespread adoption, especially for use in high-frequency modules. However, to meet to future market needs for smaller size, Murata has mobilized its own newest micromachining technology to become the first company globally to produce prototypes of 0201 <millimeter> size chip inductor, which are the world's smallest.

"The new 0201 <millimeter> size product is a high-frequency inductor with ultra-miniature dimensions and a high performance, and they make full use of the circuit design technology that Murata has advanced in its own unique way." says Mr. Yukio Hamaji, Executive Vice President of Murata Manufacturing. "In the months and years ahead, Murata plans to further reduce the size and improve the performance of high-frequency circuits and continue to stand in the vanguard of the electronics industry as a leader of high-frequency inductor technology."

Murata plans to ship engineering sample before the end of fiscal 2013.


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