Nuvoton Announces Its Super I/O Series IC for Industrial PC Applications – NCT6106D

Nuvoton, following the success of the W83627UHG family of devices, which have been highly regarded and widely adopted by the major industrial PC manufacturers worldwide, now proudly announces its next generation Super I/O controller, the NCT6106D. NCT6106D is the state-of-the-art Super I/O controller and most desirable for industrial PC applications.

NCT6106D provides 6 full-function UART, and each UART supports up to 128-byte FIFO, 9-bit mode, RS-485 auto flow control and optional 14.7456MHz external clock input for UART baud rate setting. Take the harsh operating environment that industrial PC applications may often encounter into consideration, NCT6106D itself can operate between -40 ℃ to +85 ℃. Meanwhile, NCT6106D provides an easy way for debug. It is able to decode Port80 value via LPC interface and output Port80 value via printer port or UART TX. For the Port80 value output via printer port, it only needs 2 7-segment LEDs to display it. For the Port80 value output via UART TX, it could cooperate with Nuvoton self-developed Port80 Analyzer AP or Port80 Analyzer debug card. Port80 Analyzer AP could display the Port80 value and the corresponding meaning on the other PC by connecting NCT6106D UART TX to the other PC. Port80 Analyzer debug card could show Port80 value directly because it has 2 7-segment LEDs on it. Furthermore, Health Manager is Nuvoton self-developed AP to help customers to reduce the developing efforts with user-friendly interface while using NCT6106D hardware monitor functions, especially fan control.

Contrary to the general perception, increasing number of industrial PC applications adopt the latest industry platform technologies. NCT6106D implements up-to-date features, such as Intel® PECI (Platform Environment Control Interface), AMD® SB-TSI interface, SMBus master, Intel® DSW (Deep Sleep Well) glue logic, and ErP (energy related products), a specification to further reduce the system power consumption while in S5 state nowadays. For the traditional legacy applications, in addition to UART, NCT6106D also supports Printer Port, FDC, KBC, CIR (consumer IR) and GPIO (general purpose I/O).

Nuvoton has enhanced the performance of system hardware monitoring functions through advanced IC research and design. The device’s dual current-source architecture provides improved temperature measurement accuracy. The fan speed control circuit is suitable for either DC- or PWM-fan. Nuvoton patented SMART FAN™ closed-loop fan speed control algorithms are also included. By monitoring temperature, voltage and fan speed (RPM) and controlling fan speed (RPM), the NCT6106D ensures efficiency and reliability of industrial PC applications.

Inheriting the abundant development experiences from Winbond, Nuvoton has been a major supplier of the key IC components for Desktop PC motherboards, Notebook PCs, Industrial / Embedded PCs and Servers markets. Nuvoton continues to devote itself to the development of creative IC components and to invest in the development of cost effective ICs with the latest features and the best performance.


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