Ultra-compact 2520-size TCXO, with a wide temperature range, developed for vehicular GPS applications

Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Hiroshi Takeuchi, President) has developed the TCXO (temperature-compensated crystal oscillator) with a wide temperature range in ultra-compact size of 2520 (2.5×2.0×0.8mm Typ.) for GPS applications in vehicles or other outdoor-type apparatuses.

In recent years, the role of the GPS in automobiles has been getting more and more significant. It has widely spread in the range from the system used by drivers for capturing the position of the vehicle, such as the Car Navigation System, up to the system informing the position of the vehicle to external party, such as the e-call (*1), or the system of tracing the vehicle from outside, such as SVT (*2).

In order to be applicable to such various GPS applications in vehicles, a Frequency Temperature Characteristic of ±3.0ppm has been realized (commonly around ±10ppm in the past). Furthermore, in the product with the ±0.5ppm of Frequency Temperature Characteristic, the Operating Temperature Range has been expanded to -40 to +85deg.C from -30 to +85deg.C, which previous model used.

With the higher accuracy applied for the GPS and expanded Operating Temperature Range, the available locations for installing GPS equipment has become wider. The locations have been limited in the past, such as the dashboard of vehicle, etc, but now can be installed in locations with severe temperature conditions.

Even with it's compact 2520-size, it is applicable to a wide range of usage, mainly used for in-vehicle, such as Telematics, etc.


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