Henkel at SolarPACES in Spain

For the first time, Henkel will be present with its own stand at the international congress SolarPACES where it will be presenting innovative solutions for the concentrated solar power (CSP) industry. The high-performance adhesives and sealants from Henkel make a substantial contribution to raising quality and lowering costs in the manufacture of products for the solar industry. The congress is taking place in Granada, Spain, from Tuesday the 20th to Friday the 23rd of September 2011.

During the production of components for CSP plants, mirrors are bonded to different kinds of supporting structures. The resulting bonds have to satisfy various and typically high demands. Henkel’s high-performance adhesives and sealants improve product quality while also enabling highly automated production processes, thereby reducing manufacturing costs. A selection of the many different and innovative solutions will be presented at the SolarPACES congress.

Excellent bonding of mirrors to supporting structures

The elastic adhesives Terostat MS and Loctite Silicone not only provide high-quality bonds but are also ideal for use on substrates with different thermal expansion rates as they compensate such relative movements. They are extremely resistant to weathering and withstand UV radiation. Moreover, they bond excellently to glass, metal and plastics – without the need for primers.

Bonding of parts with the same thermal expansion coefficient

Henkel also offers the energy-elastic adhesive Macroplast UK as a solution for bonding parts with similar thermal expansion coefficients. This adhesive is the ideal solution for secure fixing of the center of gravity of a mirror. Just like the products Terostat MS and Loctite Silicone, this adhesive from Henkel makes it possible to achieve a high degree of automation in production and so reduce manufacturing costs.

Interested customers will have an opportunity at the SolarPACES event to talk with Henkel experts and learn more about the properties and application possibilities of these products.


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