NVE Introduces Wide-Body Version of Low-Power Isolated CAN Transceiver

As promised, NVE Corporation today introduced a wide-body version of its new low-power isolated CAN transceiver family.

IsoLoop® IL41050TAE isolated Controller Area Network (CAN) transceiver
The new IL41050TAE is a wide-body version of the IL41050TA-3E, which was introduced in May 2012. The wide-body version has a full eight millimeter creepage distance for demanding high-voltage applications.

The newer IL41050TA transceivers (with the “A” suffix) are recommended over the older IL41050T parts because they are lower power, higher CDM ESD, comparable speed, and slightly lower price.

Both IL41050TA package versions feature 180 nanoseconds typical loop delay, 12 milliamps quiescent supply current (recessive), and a Charged Device Model (CDM) ESD rating of plus or minus 500 volts.

Revolutionary IL41050 transceivers integrate transceiver and isolation functions in a single device with improved performance and reduced chip count compared to discrete transceivers and traditional optocouplers. The transceivers fully comply with the ISO 11898 CAN standard and de facto industry standards, and provide an isolated interface between five-volt CAN busses and three-volt microcontrollers.

Wide-body packaged versions provide a full eight millimeters creepage distance. Narrow-body versions, designated with the -3E suffix, are the world’s smallest isolated CAN transceivers.

Advanced features allow unmatched versatility and reliable bus operation. Unpowered nodes do not disturb the bus, and a unique nonvolatile programmable power-up feature prevents unstable nodes. The devices also have a hardware-selectable silent mode that disables the transmitter.

Designed for harsh CAN and DeviceNet environments, IL41050 transceivers are rugged where it counts with a -55 to +125 degree Celsius operating range, transmit data dominant time-out, thermal shutdown protection, short-circuit protection, 2.5 kilovolt isolation, typical transient immunity of 30 kilovolts per microsecond, bus pin transient protection, and a Human Body Model electrostatic discharge (ESD) rating of four kilovolts. Unique edge-triggered inputs maximize noise immunity. The parts are UL 1577 and IEC 61010-2001 approved. Unlike optocouplers or other isolation technologies, IsoLoop isolators have indefinite life at high voltage.

The newest part, the wide-body version IL41050TAE, is in stock for immediate delivery.


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