Han® 200 A Crimp Module

A new Han® 200 A Crimp module has joined the HARTING Technology Group's Han-Modular® series. This new addition is compatible with already widely used the Han® 200 A Axial screw module.

It is particularly suitable for applications with the most demanding mechanical requirements. Han-Modular® is an open connection system that is particularly flexible for adaptation to users’ individual requirements, with a design that allows users to design their own connectors according to the required configuration.

In order to ensure that new configurations are always possible, new additions like the new Han® 200 A Crimp module are constantly being added to the 35 already existing modules for electrical, optical and gaseous signals.

The 200 A module is now also suitable for crimp terminations for conductor cross-sections up to 70 mm².

The Han-Modular® program now offers a complete range of modules with crimp technology. The working voltage is still 1000 V, but the module opening has been designed to accommodate large cable insulation diameters up to 18 mm.


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