NDK has developed small size 7050 high precision TCXO with hold over frequency stability ±100ppb required for femtocell base station, with low power consumption

Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd. (President : Hiroshi Takeuchi), has developed small-sized TCXO "NT7050BB" of the 7.0 x 5.0 x 2.0mm size, which is popular package size in network equipment, by realizing high hold over frequency stability (*1) ±100ppb (0.1ppm = 0.1 x 10-6) to meet standard of femtocell base station and basic type networks such as Stratum3.

The communication carriers going forward need to maintain, expand service area and improve communication quality to prepare for increase of communication traffic. Still some areas such as underground towns and indoors are difficult to receive radio signals. Use of small-sized femtocell base station set up inside house or office enables mobile phone communication to be stable.

Though a femtocell base station is as small as a palm, it is required to meet very strict standard, frequency stability ±100ppb, same as other base stations. Until now this frequency stability was realized using an OCXO for temperature control. However, femtocell base station is set inside office or house and are required to be of small size, low heat generation and low electric power consumption.

"NT7050BB" itself has realized general frequency stability ±100ppb by developing high precision crystal oscillator utilizing NDK's high-level synthetic quartz processing technology and incorporating a high level temperature compensated circuit. This is how we developed a crystal oscillator which meets stability standard of femtocell base station, ±100ppb TCXO as a single unit, with low current consumption (6mA Max.) and quick rise time.

The NT7050BB meets the standard for femtocell base station as a single unit, making it possible to reduce number of parts, cost, power consumption (*2) and shrink the size (*3) of the base station. It also contributes much to basic usability of mobile phone "whenever or wherever available" by expanded coverage area and stabilizing the communication environment - through femtocell use.

At the same time we are firmly believe that this small size, high stability, low power consumption product allows the circuit design margin in development of basic type networks equipment.


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