The new HARTING har-mik® Cable Assemblies are ideal for high vibration requirements

HARTING has increased the extensive product portfolio with the introduction of new SCSI har-mik® male over moulded Cable Assemblies. Available in 14, 26 and 36 pole versions, standard lengths between 0.5m and 5m are offered. In addition to standard AWG 28 shielded cable, other types are available on request.

Reliable contact termination is achieved with established HARTING IDC technology, ensuring durable gas tight connection to the wire. Secure strain relief is realized through over moulding, providing robust assemblies for use in IP 20 environments such as cabinets and control rooms. Integral screw-locks allow easy fixing to the mating connector and provide protection against unintended disconnection.

No additional assembly is required, saving time and money compared to individual piece parts and associated tooling, thus reducing field installation time.

Installation technologies in a variety of applications can be fulfilled efficiently and cost effectively. The introduction of off-the-shelf SCSI assemblies further enhances HARTING’s position as a leader in connectivity solutions.


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