New Panel Feed-throughs for Han® PushPull Profinet Variant

The Han® PushPull (variant 14 according to IEC 61076-3-117) is the standardized connector for industrial PROFINET cabling with IP 65 / 67 protection. There are now two new panel feed-throughs available in the robust metal housing for transmission rates up to 1/10 GBit Ethernet, Category 6, Class EA.

The panel feed-throughs for round and rectangular cutouts allow swift and simple installation in devices and switch cabinets, as well as retrofitting of existing housings with a PROFINET interface with IP 65 / 67 protection.

The female inserts are executed with 360° shielding in order to increase the electromagnetic compatibility and the transmission path's immunity to interference.

In order to allow users to make independent decisions on the system’s grounding concept, the RJ45 female inserts snap into the metal panel feed-throughs to provide electrical isolation. This ensures that the RJ45 shielding potential and the housing ground are not accidentally connected. For selective grounding of the RJ45 shielding potential, the shielding potential on the panel feed-through and that on the RJ45 jack module can be gripped via a FASTON and electrically connected to each other. Electromagnetic disturbances that are injected on the data shield and enter the device are consequently effectively dissipated.

Panel feed-throughs with two RJ Industrial® 10G Cat. 6 Bulkhead RJ45 jack modules and Ha-VIS preLink® RJ45 cable jack are available.

The RJ Industrial® 10G Cat. 6 Bulkhead RJ45 jack module offers an RJ45 interface on the device's internal IP 20 side and facilitates further distribution with standard patch cables.

The Ha-VIS preLink® RJ45 cable jack offers simple and swift assembly with insulation displacement termination for the connection of data cables, even pre-assembled ones, with conductor cross-sections AWG 22/7 ... AWG 23/1.


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