New material with highest RTI rating in its class

Henkel’s low-pressure molding Macromelt technology portfolio has recently been expanded to include a material designed specifically for high thermal stability and chemical resistance. The product, Macromelt MM6208, has all of the benefits consistent with Macromelt technology, but has a high Relative Temperature Index (RTI) rating of 95° C, making it ideal for certain automotive, consumer and appliance applications, where a very high RTI rating is required for good thermal stability.

Many applications, which require high thermal stability have been limited to potting processes. Now, with the development of a high RTI Macromelt formula, these applications can benefit from the proven processability and performance benefits of Macromelt MM6208. “Assembly specialists that have stringent thermal requirements are now no longer limited to the often messy and time-consuming potting process for component protection,” explains Art Ackerman, Henkel Electronics Market Manager for Aerospace. “Not only does Macromelt MM6208 provide the thermal performance properties needed, but does so in a formula that streamlines the encapsulation process and protects even the finest-feature devices without risk of damage. This has the potential to dramatically improve assembly operations in several market sectors”, says Ackerman in conclusion.

Reduced stress for sensitive electronic components

In fact, at 95°C, Macromelt MM6208 carries the highest RTI rating in its class of materials, as the majority of hot melt systems have RTIs of 65°C or less. Like all Macromelt materials, the new product has been designed with superior performance, device protection and ease-of-use at its core. These unique materials are polyamide-based hot melt formulas that can quickly over-mold, encapsulate and protect exposed circuitry while simultaneously forming the product’s outer shell.

Once encapsulated, the product becomes a self-contained integrated assembly. The Macromelt process uses an exceptionally low application pressure of between 20 and 500 psi, which greatly reduces stress and damage for sensitive electronic components and its very low modulus and hardness make it well-suited for flexible applications. With one of the lower melting point materials available, Macromelt provides easier encapsulation of ceramics, wire bonds and leaded solder joints.

Safety for consumer and applications

The Relative Temperature Index is a guarantee that an insulating material will not thermally degrade under stress of chemical, mechanical or electrical strain over the life of the component. Having achieved an RTI rating of 95°C from Underwriters Laboratory (UL), Macromelt MM6208 has been established as a material that will not compromise the functionality of the device or the safety of the consumer for applications which require this level of thermal stability.

Macromelt MM6208 is available in two different versions, Macromelt MM6208 in an amber color and Macromelt MM6208S in black. Both are 95°C RTI-rated.


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